Dstat graph using Vmstax

Generating graphs from dstat log files is now possible using Vmstax. At the origin, Vmstax was created to build graphics from vmstat log files. It is very convenient to monitor the server load during a load test. All you had to do is to capture the log with a command like “vmstat -n 5 > output.log“, then upload the log file into vmstax and finally, export the graphs as images to include them into reports.
Actually, it is not a so good solution to analyze your servers : a lot of things is missing like network traffics, load per cpu, io per disk and others. Mpstat, iostat, ifstat can be used together but this is inconvenient because you have to manage several log ouputs.

Dstat is a versatile replacement for vmstat, iostat, netstat and ifstat. You can configure it with a bunch of options and you can even developp your own plugins for your specific needs. So, you have only one command to monitor what ever you want.

Here is an example of dstat output :

To draw charts from dstat output with Vmstax :

1) First, capture the dstat output : you have to use the output option. It will produce a csv log file that can be uploaded inside Vmstax. Here is an example :

dstat -c -n -N eth0,lo -m -s -d --output dstat.csv

2) Then, start Vmstax, upload the dstat.csv file and export the graphs as png. Pay attention to choose the ‘dstat’ format inside the upload combo box.

Start Vmstax now !

Here is some example graphs :

Limitations : Vmstax is not able to graph all the available options of dstat. If you think one is missing, contact the author and talk about it.

Links :
DStat home page

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  1. Subir on March 19th, 2016 5:54 am

    The website http://vmstax.michenux.net/ is broken and does not work. This was very helpful. Any reason it is not working now.

    Thanks for the help.

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